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Anode Bags for Every Basket

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  • Spun or napped polypro
  • Superior belt and suspender option to prevent sagging                                
  • Pre-laundered option, no leaching necessary
  • Lunch box styles for reel-to-reel platers

What Heavy-Duty Material Will Meet Your Needs?

   Plating Solution     Anode Bag Materials  
      Watts (Bright) Nickel

Nickel Sulfamate

Woods Nickel

Semi-Bright Nickel



Napped Polypropylene (instead of double bagging)





  Nickel Fluoborate     Temperature may dictate Modacrylic  


  Acid (Sulfate) Copper

Pyrophosphate Copper

Copper Fluoborate

Cyanide Copper

Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper



Napped Polypropylene (instead of double bagging)








  Acid (Sulfate) Tin

Acid (Fluoborate) Tin

Tin-Lead MSA (Methane Sulfonic Acid)

Tin-Lead Fluoborate







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